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Norwood Lodge No. 90
Grand Lodge of Alberta
A.F & A.M.
Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth
Lakeland District Lodges
Grand Lodge of Alberta, A.F & A.M.
Lodge                                     Location                                                Meeting Day                          Contact

Acacia #11                             Acacia Hall                                            2nd Thursday                   M.W. Bro. Rod Ponech

Vermilion # 24                     Vermilion                                              4th Tuesday                       V.W. Bro. Aubrey Bell

St. John's #25                       Vegreville                                             3rd Monday                       W. Bro. Andy Herbert

Norwood # 90                      Freemason’s Hall                                 1st Tuesday                       R.W. Bro. Sam Ekpe

Dynamic # 96                       Holden                                                   1st Wednesday                 R.W. Bro. Henk Gerow

Kitscoty #131                       Kitscoty                                                 4th Tuesday                      W. Bro. Henry Keichinger

St. George's #169                Elk Point                                                3rd Tuesday                     V.W. Bro. Bob McRae

Astra #179                            Cold Lake                                              3rd Monday                      R.W. Bro. Jeff Knight

Ye Olde Craft #196             Acacia Hall                                             2nd Saturday                   Bro. Rob Gavigan

Lodge                                     Location                                                Date                               Time

Acacia #11                             Acacia Hall                                          Nov. 8, 2018              7:45 pm

Vermilion # 24                     Vermilion                                            Oct. 23, 2018              7:30 pm *

St. John's #25                       Vegerville                                            Oct. 15, 2018              8:00 pm
Norwood # 90                      Freemason’s Hall                               Jan. 15, 2019                7:30 pm

Dynamic # 96                       Holden                                                 Oct. 3, 2018                 8:00 pm

Kitscoty #131                       Kitscoty                                                 Oct. 23, 2018              7:30 pm *

St. George's #169                Elk Point                                               Sept. 18, 2018             8:00 pm

Astra #179                            Cold Lake                                              Nov. 19, 2018             7:30 pm

Ye Olde Craft #196             Acacia Hall                                            Sept. 8, 2018             9:00 am

* Vermilion and Kitscoty Lodges meet jointly. The official visit will be in Vermilion



District meeting is scheduled as follows:
                            Date:               October 20, 2018  
                            Location:       1002-10th St., Cold Lake, AB
                            Registration: 11:00 am - 1.00 pm 
                            Education: 11:00 am
                            Lunch: 12:00 noon; Cost: $10 per person
​                            Meeting: 1:00 pm


District Deputy Grand Master (DDGM)
R.W. Bro. Jeff Knight

District Secretary   
V.W. Bro. Bob McRae 

District Treasurer
M.W. Bro. Rod Ponech

Masonic Education
​W. Bro. Bill Gratin

Masonic Bursary
​R.W. Bro. Fred Bowker

Masonic Foundation
V.W. Bro.  Stephen Goguen

DDGM Elect
​V.W. Bro. Blair Mitchel

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District Deputy Grand Master: R.W. Bro. Jeff Knight
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